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IPhone 11 Pro Max Review

The series of iPhones always creates a level of excitement amount its users, as its comes up with its new model iPhone 11 Pro Max. As it is most versatile and effective, the gaming on this phone runs lag free with triple- camera system which is impressive to most of its users.
It is more of a wider and taller, with an increase of mass 18 grams which makes the phone more luxurious and appealing.
With amazing features it is the best iPhone people would find in the market place.


It comes with a 6.5-inches screen and with a resolution of 2,688×1242 bigger and better in watching videos and movies, also it offers OLED display which is extremely efficient when playing games.

It delivers incredible brightness with amazing accurate colors, would be efficient in using phones on daylight as the brightness all above can got up to 1200 nits in HDR scenes, (its typical brightness is 800 nits)


The front and back are covered in ‘durable’ glass, but the new thing here is its matte texture on the back which makes it more beautiful and avoid wiping it cleans all day, as Google did it last year with Pixel 3, Apple is not the first one to explore this. Its one of the fewer phones made of stainless steel as it is more durable than aluminum.


IPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max are among the best camera phones available, Apple increased versatility by adding extra lens to it, improving the image processing.

A introduction of a new feature called semantic rendering clicks several underexposed photos before tapping the shutter button, the camera also gets specific parts like a flower, or a face, also it applies different smart HDR improvements to various areas than a blanket change to the whole picture, It comes with 12 megapixel per sensor and an f/1.8 standard wide-angle.

For better low-light photography, it has a wider f/20 aperture and a new ultra wide-angle-lens with 120- degree field of view an f/2.4 aperture so many scenes can be taken in a single shot.

Photos clicked during the day offers bigger, brighter natural colors with pinch of warm tone in it, the pictures are perfectly detailed and shifting of each lenses are smooth, and seamless, it has a fixed focus means that you need to be 1 meter away from a shot to be in focus so, you can’t be able to get closer for some unique perspectives.

A change has done in its portrait mode, now you can click pictures not just with telephoto lens but also with f/1.8 lens as well, means you can get beautiful portraits in night, too and the picture would be detailed from the normal lens, grainy, and blurry from the telephoto.

Battery life


IPhone 11 Pro Max has got 3989mAh battery life, the speed of charging is improved as Apple uses 18W fast charger tools lesser than an hour to get charged from 0 to 100 percent. Wireless charging feature is also available.

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