Xiaomi Redmi K30 Review

The new Redmi K30 is a sub-brand of Xiaomi, is a new mid-ranged device, and it got amazing features in it, like the other smartphone the handset is mid-ranged in a few key areas, while it beats up other high-end flagships in other devices.

The phone has brought a lot of better changes in its appearance, screen quality, and photography and so on continuing the effectiveness of cost gene of the family.

As the first cell phone with 120Hz screen in the Xiaomi or Redmi family, it pulls the word “smooth” from the CPU the front of the screen, making out fingers feel smoother than ever before.

Display and Design

The Redmi series brought new ideas and improvements in the application of design, language, and technology.
The Redmi K30 is no exception, this time it is graceful as well as stylish with double-hole full screen which in great increases the phone screen share and appearance, which is believed to have been considered from many angles of beauty and experience.

The handset screen on the front is 6.67 inches in size and at 20:9, it looks very slender, the screen share quality has reached up to 91% due to the use of TOF packaging technology.

Using the thumb, the touch controlled area of the phone is significantly larger, hence the Redmi K30 has a “sense of control” at first hand , and also, the thickness 8.79 mm ‘s fuselage is not thinner and lighter, but because of the problem of proportion it does not sacrifice too much grip.

The first time in the Xiaomi series, the Redmi K30 uses a screen with 120Hz refresh rate, it can display up to 120 pictures per second , and also it supports the highest 120fps display far exceeding the traditional current 60Hz screen, it makes sliding of the screen easier and smoother with more images displaying on it.

The Redmi K30 placed the fingerprint identification on the right-hand side of the fuselage, due to the usage of LCD digging screen.



The Redmi K30 comes up with 64 million ultra-high pixels and Sony new IMX686 sensor, it supports Remosaic output of 64 million ultra-clear photos, and a resolution of 9248×6944.

The sensor has a photosensitive area up to 1.7in, which is convenient for second cropping creation and can record more detail to its images.
The phone also has 8 million-pixel ultra-wide angle, 2 million macros and a 2 million depth-offield lens, it can provide more depth and tension to the picture by the using the ultra-wideangle lens and expanding the range of view, it also supports capturing of images in night scene mode while maintaining the brightness of the picture though long exposure, even in dark theme and strong light the Redmi K30 can still retail the quality and detailed picture.


Battery life

The phone supports fast charging 27W fast charging, and also has a big 4500 mAh battery, the battery gets fully charged in 68 minutes by 100%, hence this handset is a complete package for its users.

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